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Downloadable Content In 1995

Nintendo’s cover up for ancient Japanese black magic.

Let’s step back for a second to a mystical, forgotten time in technological history… 1995. Sega and Nintendo are still in heated competition, the Genesis and Super Nintendo are still very popular despite having been out for several years. Taking a huge technilogical leap, Nintendo set the bar a little higher by releasing a new game system called the Satellaview. What’s so special about this system, you ask? This system was able to connect to Nintendo’s satellites, allowing you to play extra chapters of existing game titles, kind of like modern day downloadable content.

Playing a revamp of Zelda as your custom character.

This system shared another similarity with Nintendo’s modern system, the Wii, allowing you to play most of these broadcast game sessions as your own customizable character (sort of like Mii’s) that you use in the main menu. These extra chapters would sometimes include fully orchestrated music scores and actual voice acting for in-game characters. It may seem fairly reasonable by today’s standards, but we’re talking about the Super Nintendo, 16bit era of video gaming. Sadly this system was only released in Japan, garnering a subscription base of over 100,000 households before the service was discontinued around 2001.

Kind of like a Mii, right? OK, it’s a stretch.

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