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Review: Shutter Island (2010)

This movie was an intense trip… I have to say it’s one of the only recent movies released deserving of the genre “horror”. This movie has you guessing from the very start, an air of tension surrounding nearly every scene. If you think Martin Scorsese directing a modern thriller sounds too good to be true, you better believe this movie had a lot to live up to after it was announced. In a time when most horror movies have amounted to little more than cheap, poorly timed jump-scares, “Shutter Island” is a breath of fresh air.

There are subtle elements of several different storytelling styles, revealing mysteries and twists at an unpredictable pace like a good thriller is meant to do. I would suggest this movie for people who like any of Scorsese’s body of work, don’t second guess this film just because of it’s late-term release. It’s still superb. This film is also a good way to introduce mystery back into what has become a very dull horror-movie era. You know, that thing everyone’s forgotten to utilize in movies since the 80’s?

This movie is not only mysterious, but it has moments that can be seriously unsettling. These disturbing scenes not only contend with outright gore-filled movies like saw, but it carries much more weight and intensity in a very dignified fashion. It’s a horrifying story told in a sophisticated, artsy way, something every serious horror film needs to take note of. Being centered around a high-security insane asylum, this movie tests the ability of its audience to keep up with literally insane concepts at all times.

Again, most films these days are pandering to the lowest common denominator, with over-hyped 3D nonsense to drag as many people into the theaters on opening weekend as possible. This film needs little more than the story itself to stay afloat, rarely using more than eerie lighting and traditional camera work to carry the scene. I could write a million why this movie is great, but I’ll leave it at this:  Do you want a well made horror movie with actors that aren’t dead yet? Watch this movie. It will simultaneously restore your faith in the horror genre and scare the ever-loving shit out of you.

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