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Operating System Wars

I grew up in the age of NES, a time without cell phones, compact discs or any of the other contraptions that overload my senses today. Our generation witnessed the rise of computers, complex worldwide networking, peer to peer sharing, and the miniaturization of devices. We might be blown away by these gigantic leaps at times, but it’s up to us to pave the way and set trends for our kids to emulate in the future. One of the biggest problems that’s plagued this technological era has been that of the Operating System Wars. Personally, I’m more familiar with PC’s, but I’ve used plenty of Macs and I like both, so this review is going to be my (hopefully) unbiased opinion of the situation.

Some people like to say one way or the other that Mac is better than Windows, or the other way around. But those people are usually selling something, or they’re just really used to using what they own. How is anyone supposed to decide what’s best for them when there’s not one definitive characteristic that seperates Mac and PC into different classes of quality? It seems like the real difference, or at least the one that I notice above all; people can build their own PC’s without an issue, and it’s basically illegal to build your own computer with OSX. People who buy Macs pay significantly more, but it is generally a well put together device, complete with everything it needs to be a computer. PC’s, on the other hand, are typically mixed and matched components used in other computers usually at a lower cost than the average Mac. Clearly there are benefits from buying either machine, but let’s look at the programs.

Some like to argue about the effectiveness of certain programs between Mac and PC, especially programs that have to do with art and music. I work on music. A lot. I’d say about 75% of the time I’m on my computer, I’m working on music. There are several Audio Work Station programs designed only for Mac, most of which seem like more visually appealing versions of existing programs for PC. Many collegiate art students are encouraged to buy MacBooks or iMacs, because they’re supposedly better for programs like Photoshop and whatnot. I’ve been to several on-campus computer stores here on the east coast, and guess what they all carry? Those over-priced iMacs they’re encouraging you to buy. Honestly, the programs run exactly the same, it’s all about the user.

Not to discourage people from getting computers made by Mac, like I said I’ve used plenty of them and they’re not bad devices. I like the portability and sleek appearance of most Mac laptops, they’re usually very light and well designed machines. They have good battery life, about as good as any PC, and they’re far beyond the quality required to finish four years of college in most subjects. But I’m always blown away at the prices, it just seems a little pompous. Are they worth the price difference, and does that make them better than PC’s? Some people might think so, but I’d say the difference is neglagible. It’s all about preferrence and comfort, if you feel better using one or the other, it will seem better than what you’re not using. The fact is that PC and Mac are in competition, and rumors about what’s better will always circulate. If you think about it, it’s not too different from Pepsi and Coca Cola…

So yeah, I like PC for now. If Mac decides to lower their prices, I might switch over. Who knows.

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