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Review: Feed The Animals

“Feed the Animals” by Girl Talk

There are a lot of remix artists out there. It’s actually pretty overwhelming, but there are a few who stand out as being really innovative and clever about their mixing. In a proverbial sea of artists, Girl Talk is the one crowd surfing above nearly everyone. The previous album, Night Ripper, isn’t nearly as well formed and seemless as Feed The Animals. And that’s a pretty good record, so this one really raised the bar significantly. There’s a great selection of well known hits and familiar verses from harshly contrasting artists, all steadily changing without missing a beat. It’s a really fresh slant on the idea of mashups, changing instrumentals and vocals every ten seconds or so. A lot of rap station DJ’s mix stuff for entire verses, changing the beat up in the middle of the song. This guy prepares it all in such a way that there’s nearly no repetition as far as the instrumental is concerned, and there’s an actual chain of chord progressions being created. It’s a great remix album, definitely worthy of any good party.

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