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Bit-Tuner – Retro Guitar Tuner (Freeware)

Bit-Tuner 1.0 by Tom Pereira

Free Download Link – https://sourceforge.net/projects/bittuner/

This program was created for the sole purpose of tuning guitars with the aid of chiptune instruments. This first edition of the tool is for E standard guitar tuning.

Using This Tool:

Simply use the directional arrow keys on your keyboard to choose notes. Once you have chosen your note, it will repeat until another note is chosen or the mute icon is selected.

Also compatible with (most) plug-and-play USB controllers instead of the standard keyboard controls.

Installation Instructions:

Unzip the contents of Bit-Tuner.zip into a folder of your choosing, and be sure to keep all files in the same root folder like it’s displayed in the zip archive.


If you paid for this program, you have been scammed.
Bit-Tuner 1.0 will always be free to share and use.

If you share this program on your site, be sure to credit Tom Pereira.

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