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Absolute Zero Thesis

Earth orbits the Sun, which orbits the Galaxy

A goal in modern science has been for many years to achieve the temperature “Absolute Zero” or zero degrees Kelvin. This is my informal thesis explaining why it cannot be attained on earth. One thing that’s always intrigued me is the fact that we are constantly in motion, even while standing still we’re affected by the Earth’s rotation. This pattern of cumulative motion extends past the earth’s orbit with the sun, which orbits the galaxy, developing into a complex web of gravity and mass. All matter on earth is affected by this, enveloped with motion. The ultimate effect of “Absolute Zero” would be to lower the temperature to a point where no matter can retain motion, stopping vibration at the atomic level. This couldn’t work on Earth, because several layers of orbital motion would affect that matter, endowing it with said latent energy / motion. An atom may appear to be totally frozen here on earth, but without escaping the earth, sun, galaxy, and even possibly the universe’s orbital current, it will never cease to move to some capacity. Scientists may very well reach the specified number they’ve created for “Absolute Zero“, but in reality the effect will never be truly absolute. I’ve been meaning to put this into writing for some time now, I guess 2:30 in the morning is as good a time as any.


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